Our Mission and Vision

Our mission and vision statement is really important to us.  It has taken us about ten years, thousands of hours of bible study and much prayer to discover.  In other words, we believe it is Christ’s unique call for Christ Church.  It is what Christ would have us to do and be.


Christ Church is a distinctly biblical, ever multiplying, economically and ethnically diverse, covenantal community…calling Acadiana to follow all of Christ in all of life!

Distinctly Biblical

Christ church believes there is objective truth with which we must align ourselves. A truth that is as real as gravity. We believe this truth is revealed by God in the Bible, inerrant, fully inspired and fully preserved by the Holy Spirit. We long to cheerfully submit every aspect of our lives both individually and corporately to the Bible. We long to embrace its truth. We long to see more and more people throughout Acadiana building their lives on the authority of the Bible.


Christ Church is one church in many locations. We long to see more and more Christ Church locations scattered throughout Acadiana— We long to see each location alive with Christ Church distinctions and poised to reproduce itself again and again.

Ethnically & Economically Diverse

Christ said to his disciples, as the father sent me so send I you.  He then commissioned them to take the good news message of Christ to the nations.  He is king.  He is Savior.  And, he is Christ over all nations, tribes, tongues and peoples.  We at Christ Church long to not only faithfully proclaim this message but to also faithfully portray this message.  In other words, we believe in Gospel doctrine and we long for it to shape us into a Gospel culture, one that resembles the unity and the diversity which is present in Christ both ethnically and economically.

Covenantal Christian Community

One of the most important aspects of God’s love for his church is that it is covenantal. That meant His love is not conditional, temporal or fragile.  He will never leave us nor forsake us.  Now, this covenantal love is meant to flow to us and then flow through us to one another.  As members of Christ Church we covenant with one another.  We pledge to love one another through the thick and thin, to not show partiality and to not relate to one another through cost-benefit analysis.  We believe that church relationships should be covenantal, not consumeristic.  We aren’t customers paying our dues to receive religious goods and services.  We are a covenantal Christian community.

Our Focuses

Here are a few of the focuses we have as we aspire to be a church that lives out our mission.

Ethnic Reconciliation

In order to more closely resemble Christ we long to become more and more ethnically diverse, we actively strive to listen to and love one another.  We recognize there are many walls of hostility between various ethnicities and we constantly strive to tear them down by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Leadership Development

The Apostle Paul instructed Titus that for the sake of spreading the gospel he was to invest his time and efforts into faithful and able men. (2 Tim. 2:2) Likewise, he instructed the older women to be teaching and investing in younger women.  We at Christ Church want to follow his instructions.  There are so many gospel opportunities, so many spots pen for leaders.  And we want to do all we can to equip them for the work.  (Eph. 4:12)

Church Planting

We long to be an ever-multiplying church, that each campus planed would go on to plant other campuses.  We believe the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) clearly calls us to church plant. We long to see christ Church campuses throughout all of Acadiana.